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Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method is difficult for the masses. Today, a change has come. In honor of Juneteenth that brought about a form of freedom for African Americans, PerceptForm is proud to announce that PerceptPay is now in a public beta.

Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of all times and we are still in the early stages of its output on the global via social commerce, monetary policy as well as goods / services in the physical world. PerceptPay aims to on board thousands of merchants, artists, designers, authors, service providers and companies to accept…

The Journey of a Black Founder | PerceptForm, Inc.

An Urban Landmark (By Christopher Perceptions)

My journey is complex. I lived in two worlds growing up. My mother is a Christian evangelist for a well known church in Milwaukee, WI (the worst American city for Black people) and my father (who wasn’t a father at all) was a drug dealer who was entrapped by his own trauma. Growing up, Sundays were strange. I would mingle with self made millionaires, lawyers, politicians and clergy in the morning due to going to church with my mother. By the evening when I went to see my father, I would…


A New World Awaits

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