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Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method is difficult for the masses. Today, a change has come. In honor of Juneteenth that brought about a form of freedom for African Americans, PerceptForm is proud to announce that PerceptPay is now in a public beta.

Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of all times and we are still in the early stages of its output on the global via social commerce, monetary policy as well as goods / services in the physical world. PerceptPay aims to on board thousands of merchants, artists, designers, authors, service providers and companies to accept Bitcoin. All they need to bring is a product/service and a Bitcoin wallet. PerceptPay will take care of the rest.


PerceptPay is a social payment marketplace with a focus on accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment which allows for users to explore the options of blockchain technology. Our aim is to be the easiest way to accept Bitcoin.

Sell & Get Paid In Bitcoin Weekly

On PerceptPay, buyers pay with debit or credit cards but sellers receive Bitcoin for goods & services. Sellers receive weekly deposits to their Bitcoin wallet as they make sales.

How Does It Work?

Sign up & create an account. Fill out your profile & add your Bitcoin wallet for deposits. Use social payment marketplace to sell goods or services where your customers pay using credit or debit cards. PerceptPay makes weekly deposits from all your sales to your Bitcoin wallet for a 1% fee.


With more partnerships pending, PerceptForm is excited to announce our partnerships with Crypto Blockchain Plug & The Black Wall Street. It’s important for companies in the cryptocurrency space that are founded by African Americans to unite and that’s the purpose of the partnership.

The Black Wall Street, founded by Hill Harper, and Crypto Blockchain Plug, founded by Najah Roberts, are beacons of hope for communities marred by lack, injustice and destruction. PerceptForm is honored to build the future with powerful and positive thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto Blockchain Plug: Bitcoin will be acquired through Crypto Blockchain Plug, the only Black owned OTC exchange in the US.

The Black Wall Street Digital Wallet: Sellers who have The Black Wall Street digital wallet will receive Bitcoin payouts 2–3 days quicker!

Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has a plethora of benefits. Namely, it is divisible and therefore useful for transactions. It’s a store of value that billion dollar funds are clamoring over yet it’s also a decentralized peer to peer payment network that is restoring power back to the people on a global level. It is deflationary which means it’s designed to be scarce yet to increase in value due to a set among of Bitcoin, specifically 21 million Bitcoin. While countries print more money in the era of COVID-19, it has and will continue to cause inflation. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation.

A Global Demographic: From multinational companies to countries, everyone wants a piece of Bitcoin. Accepting it places your business on the radar of the globe.

No Chargebacks: With many platforms in traditional markets, fraud happens yet merchants and businesses are stuck with the bill. Not so with Bitcoin.

Emerging Technology: From a level of innovation or importance, the creation of Bitcoin is as big as the creation of the Internet itself. This is the future of finance.


In July 2021, PerceptPay will be fully launched and available.

Sign up now and gain access to PerceptPay Beta here.

A New World Awaits